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What they say about us.....


Mama Tasha


The year was 2004 & we were desperately looking for a good special school for our 8 year old daughter Tasha who had CP and truly luck was on our side. We got to know about the amazing Circle Academy through our niece who had just finished her diploma in Special Ed, so we visited the school on Ngong Road & were immediately blown away by the warm welcome from Mrs Amar Panessar & her team.  After a brief interview, we knew we had found the best school for our Tasha. The cleanliness & tidiness of the School was tops plus they had awesome members of staff who are still there to date. Tasha fitted in so well & soon enough there was a big improvement in her gross motor skills, and she was really enjoying being in school with her little friends. We have so many fond memories of the 7 years that Tasha was in Circle Academy,  for example the Christmas concerts, the parents meetings, the Sports days, the chai & yummy samosas, tears & laughter... I could go on and on.  We feel so blessed to still be part of the large Circle Academy Family. Thank you so much everyone at Circle Academy & keep up the fantastic job you’re doing ❤️ Mama Tasha

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Mama Bula

2001 to Date

Our son Kilean (Bula) joined Circle Academy when he outgrew Nairobi Waldorf Kindergarten at around 7 years old. Bula has severe autism but is physically active and very lively, so upon my fist visit to Circle I was uncertain if they could accept him. Circle was then housed in a narrow 2 story house with a small cabro compound, and I wondered how Bula would behave.


I need not have worried; This month Bula turns 21 years old and runs out of the house bursting with excitement on the day he still joins Circle Academy, sure of the open armed welcome he always receives there! 

Circle Academy is founded on warm and loving acceptance. Bula's classmates over the years have had multiple challenges, both mental and physical, each child requiring substantial and differing support throughout the day, but smiles and joy prevail. Bula's physical abilities were not neglected at Circle; at an early stage he was taught both to swim and to ride a bicycle, skills he enjoys to the full.


Circle always helped Bula to develop his interests; at home he works on a wooden stool that he helped to make at Circle, and he is always given time to enjoy artwork, something he loves. Bula discovered piano at Circle Academy; although he does not take much direct instruction, Bula is always given freedom to play the piano and to fill the center with joyful scales!


Both classmates and adults at Circle Academy are very dear by Bula. He always smiles and chuckles as he looks repeatedly at videos and photos of them, and the days he visits Circle Academy are always red letter days for Bula.


Teacher Florence

2001 to Date

Being the first employee at Circle Academy, I also celebrate 20 years of being in such a conducive environment that has never made me look back. Throughout the years and working closely with the Director, I’ve managed to handle students with different disabilities.

How I still remember my first students, Bhavik, Shiro, Misha, Neema and Shiven. Good memories are indeed priceless and I will forever be grateful for experiencing this journey with so many students and lovely staff members that came along. I will surely continue this journey with Circle giving it my very best at all times.

Happy Anniversary Circle Academy.




Good morning Amar, find the below from the deepest of my heart. It brought tears to my eyes - the memories...Circle Academy has remained a jewel in my heart, this is another celebrated milestone for my beloved daughter Neema Mombo and eulogized “she attended school, early intervention program from the age of 2 years at Circle Academy!”

Neema Mombo found a one stop haven to nurture her speech, strengthen her muscles, learning and unconditional acceptance.

16 years down, I can never disengage from circle. It has remained the wonderful, safe, caring, nurturing and quality environment for our angels and in my heart.

A place where our angels flourish and thrive under the wings of their very special, God send and loving mother Amar. 
Thank you, Amar, and thank you Circle Academy team for being part of Neema’s and our lives!

Only God can reward you as you take care of His special children.

You are blessed!



2016 to Date


Mama Shirley


I do not have the right words to describe Circle Academy; whatever I say here is literally one grain of sand compared to what rests on my mind. To my family, Circle was neither a school nor a learning institution but an extension of our home between 2006 and 2016, when our daughter (Shirley) was enrolled there.
Circle Academy was a safety net, a place where, as a family we benefitted from wholesome therapy. Having a child with physical, social, emotional and cognitive limitations, as well as complicated health issues can be very challenging for any family and often takes a toll on the psychosocial well-being of the parent. I remember Shirley’s early childhood; there were many heartbreaking mornings when I was conflicted while leaving for work, and continuously prayed that the day could end well for her. My absences from her sight were tormenting, as I always feared the worst could happen. I am happy to say that my anxiety came to an end after I enrolled Shirley in Circle Academy. For the first time I was able to rest easy knowing my child was well cared for under the very watchful eye of the Director of Circle, Mrs. Amar Panesar and her caring staff. Sadly, we had to pull her out for logistical reasons.
I will not forget to comment on the level of cleanliness at the school (spectacular), the high-end furniture (specially designed for special needs’ kids) and the attitude of the staff (very positive). Similarly, the number of learning and fun activities that were lined up daily, each meeting the specific needs of our children, was impressive. No child was ever left unattended despite their wide spectrum of needs; how you did this still amazes me. My sincere gratitude goes to Mrs. Panesar; an angel sent from heaven to care for our children. I remember sitting in your office, tears freely rolling down my cheeks, as I poured out my heart and fears concerning Shirley. You never turned me away. Instead, you always had the right words to say, and I left your office feeling magically lighter. You literally lifted the heavy burden off my shoulders, not once or twice, but uncountable times. I know this was not a special privilege for me but was the case with all other mothers who came to you. May God continue to bless you and your family.
Last but not least, please know that Shirley loves you very much and misses you, and as soon as an opportunity avails itself, she will come back to Circle to continue from where she left off. I could say wonderful things about each of the staff in Circle but this would need a whole book…. Just know you are appreciated. I simply say Circle Academy is the best!!!! Viva Circle Academy!!!The photos below are of the Circle Academy Fashion Show Winners, 2015!

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Radhika Iyengar


My name is Radhika Iyengar, I am the mother of Ahan, this is just to put on record the exhilarating experience which we had with Circle Academy about 4 years ago. 

My son Ahan Iyengar is a downs syndrome child and we got him enrolled in Circle Academy, Nairobi in February 2017. Although he was there for a very short period of 5 months however the experience which we had will be etched in our memories forever.


All the staff including the Chief Amar Panesar are one of the best human beings you could ever find. They came across as  extremely emphatic, altruistic and magnanimous while dealing with not only Ahan but also the other children.


There was a lot of improvement in my son in terms of motor skills and interaction during his short tenure. I would sincerely like to thank Amar and the entire Circle Academy Family for making this world a better place for children with special needs.

Presently living in Mumbai, India.

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2001 to 2006

Congratulations on 20 years of Circle Academy 🎻🎉.

So happy to share in the excitement and so very proud of you Amar too. 

With love and pride today and always Kiran and Nita 💝

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Teacher Frasia

2003-To Date

I have never felt more welcomed and homely than I have been whilst teaching, at Circle Academy. 

The  friendly teachers and members of staff really provide a sense of love and unity. I have had an excellent experience with the students at Circle who are hardworking and enthusiastic about their learning. I feel privileged to be one of the many mentors guiding them in their years of education. 

Circle Academy embodies what it means to be an organization.


They are organized and united under a mission that they truly carry out in their everyday activities . In my years as a teacher, I have never felt unsupported or alone; there has always been someone to turn to for help or advice. (Amar  Panesar).

Located in Kitusuru-Nairobi , I find the school well-placed in the cultural centre of Nairobi with access to a wide diversity of facilities and programs for teachers and students alike. The beauty found in the natural environment and surroundings beckons the inhabitants to venture in and lose oneself in its wonders.Thanks Frasia



A friend and dance therapist at Circle for many years before moving to New Zealand

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